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«His work of sculpture, painting, engravings and murals have been recognized and make up a discourse consistent with his training and culture».
Painter, sculptor, engraver
Madrid, 1928 – Miami, 1994
«I have gone through different styles, but I have never been a faithful follower of any fashion; I’ve always been a little out of place».


He began his artistic studies with his father. He continued them, learning sculpture with private teachers, and painting as a self-taught person. At the age of fourteen, he made his first professional sculpture.

From 1942 to 1949, he studied as an external student at the School of Arts and Crafts and School of Fine Arts both in Barcelona. Returned to live in Madrid but also in several other cities, for the next decade, from 1952 to 1962 particularly in Rome for 2 years, Paris for 7 years and short stays at many other capitals and cities as London, Copenhague, Mexico, Berlin and New York.

From 1963 to 1984, he lives in Madrid, where he carries out his work: commissions and exhibitions of painting, sculpture and engraving. While in Madrid he also travels both inland and abroad for his multiple art exhibitions held during this span of 20 years

He traveled again during his last 10 years but at this period to fulfill the condition of becoming a Resident of the USA and established himself in Miami, Florida from 1984 to 1993.
In 1994, he returns to Miami to finish some commissions. He died in that city.


Lapayese's awards

Prize of sculpture. Circle of Fine Arts, Madrid.


Sculpture Award. National Competition of the Spanish Football Federation.


III Medal National Exhibition of Fine Arts. Sculpture.


Prize «New York» of painting, Paris.


Special gold medal (sculpture). II Biennial of Zaragoza.


Prize of the City Council. VII Painting Competition City of Tarrasa.


Prize of painting Barón de Güell. Artesport, Bilbao.


II Prize of sculpture. National Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Madrid.

Museums And Official Institutions

In Which There Are Works Of His
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid.
  • Museum of Decorative Arts, Madrid.
  • National Library, Madrid
  • Zarzuela Palace, Madrid
  • Museum of the Deputation, Barcelona.
  • Museum of the Diputación, Zaragoza.
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Bilbao
  • Museum of Fine Arts, Granada.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Seville.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Ibiza.
  • Ministry of the Navy, Madrid
  • Polyclinic of the Navy, Madrid.
  • Clinical Hospital, Madrid.
  • Laboral University, Cordoba.
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Madrid.
  • Tarrasa City Council.
  • Superior Council of Sports, Madrid.
  • National Parador of Sigüenza.
  • Valley of the Fallen. Cuelgamuros, Madrid.
  • Logistic Support Headquarters of the Ministry of the Navy (Madrid).
  • Museum of Hispano-American Art. Miami, Florida (USA)